• OK, YOU DID IT! You took that great idea, turned it into a business and it’s growing. Sales are ramping up but so are the problems. You can’t do it alone but you can’t afford to hire full-time, professional experts.

    z-You Can’t Do It Alone
  • You could turn to your CPA or attorney but independence concerns, rules and regulations restrict what they can do and their hourly rates can be hard to handle. So what do you do?

    y-Interim Executive Services is the Solution
  • Turn to IES; Interim Executive Services, LLC. Top-Level Expertise from Seasoned Professionals: Finance, Operations, Marketing. Interim Executive Services, support you can afford!

    x-Interim Executive Services is Your Staffing Resource
  • Founded by a CPA with over 25 years of hands-on industry experience, IES is comprised of partners and associates with a wide variety of skill sets in finance, operations and marketing.

    w-Interim Executive Services Has The Answer
  • Finance Professionals–Real world experience in growing entrepreneurial companies: System selection, design & implementation; Establishing Metrics and Key Performance Indicators; Capital Raising; Cash Flow; Expense Reduction; Strategic Planning & Analysis.

    v-Finance Professional Executives
  • Operations Executives–They’ve “been there and done that” experts in LEAN operations, Six Sigma, Logistics, Sourcing, Policies and Procedures. They can teach your people how to run your operation efficiently and profitably.

    u-Operations Interim Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Pro’s–Skilled in Web use & Communication Design, CRM, Social Media, Guerilla Marketing and Measuring Customer Response and Acceptance.

    t-Interim Marketing Experts

Why hire Interim Executive Services?
The top three reasons companies choose to hire consultants are clear:

  • It's cheaper
  • It enables acess to high level professionals and expertise
  • It frees up internal resources

Hiring consultants is a growing trend.
Companies currently considering hiring consultants to temporarily fill professional roles within their company are not alone. In 2011 it was reported that almost 2.3 million jobs were filled by outside experts.

Interim Executive Services can help.
IES provides access to local professionals that are able to provide a high level of expertise in your office at a price you can afford.

Join Our Team of Finance, Operations and Marketing Professionals

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